What It Means

Welcome back! I know it has been awhile since I have posted to the blog myself but today I just wanted to speak on my career as a DJ and what it has meant to me. This is something I believe all of my fellow co workers including photographers, videographers, photo booth operators and even those future brides should take the time to read. This is something that embodies all of us here at Complete Weddings + Events.


I still remember my first training day as if it was yesterday. My teammate and buddy from school, Jesse Springer, was the one who helped find a job here with Complete, therefore, it was fitting to have him be the first person to train me. I remember going through the precall and seeing how important the communication building up to the event was. This was my first experience with it all and I had no idea how much unpaid time went into the job. Jesse was spending time to get know the future bride and groom, he was speaking with all of the vendors he could, just to make sure this bride had the day she has been planning since she could walk. All of that work building up to the event allowed Jesse to make sure everything ran according to schedule.

When the bride and groom arrived at the hall, he quickly ran to greet them and get the entire wedding party in order to enter the venue. He was joking with the group, while still acting professional. After they were introduced in to the reception, Jesse went over and checked in with the newly weds and talked to them briefly about the line of events that were about to occur. This was followed by him going to the bar, grabbing a couple Bud Light’s, Dilly Dilly, for them to drink. I was taken back for a minute by this. But when I thought about and my experiences with DJs, I have never seen anything like that. It was such a small gesture yet so powerful.

This was just one small gesture but it is something we as a company just own. The little things like that, getting coffee for them during their getting ready period, helping cook when the caterer is a no call no show, getting desk chair when the bride slips and blows out her knee so she can stay at her reception, and so many other things. But its these things that make being a DJ the most fun. It isn’t the music, it isn’t the dancing, to me, it is the gratitude when we do these things are not listed under the job description of being a DJ. I love seeing the faces of people when I grab a beer for them or sneak an extra piece of cake. This is why I have continued to be a DJ.


When you are looking for your next DJ, don’t ask about the music or the lights, ask about the service. How far are they willing to go to make sure you have the perfect day. Because when the reception starts, the DJ is the Master of Ceremonies and should be running the entire evening, not just pressing play on a mixdeck.

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